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Mr. Herman Chen
My name is Herman Chen . I from China, I am the Manager of the Director/CEO/General Manager department of Yiwu Beji Mother Baby Products Co., Ltd., our main products are: mami bag, Baby strap, baby Waist stool, Ice bag, baby bag...
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    #sell New Style Dissimilarity Promotion Price Foldable Baby Bed Hanging Toy Baby Cradle Swing Bed,Feature:Multifunctional Color:Customized Colors Brand Name:OTHER Usage:New Born Baby Bed Type:Crib Application:Living Room Style:Modern,Fa...
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Sales Executive
My name is Anna Chen . i from China, I am the Sales Executive of the department of Shenzhen Cwell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., our main products are: Mobile Phone, Keypad Mobile Phone, 4G Walkie Talkie, Smartphone, Tablet PC...
My name is Teresa Lee . i from China, I am the of the department of Guangzhou Kajurui Trading Company Ltd., our main products are: French Lace, Sequin Lace, Swiss Cotton Lace, Cord Lace, Dry Cotton...
Marketing Manager
My name is Rita Qing . i from Hong Kong S.A.R., I am the Marketing Manager of the Marketing department of IMARCH WATCH & CLOCK COMPANY LIMITED, our main products are: alarm clock, wall clock, LED alarm clock, bell alarm clock, twin bell alarm clock...
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